G2 Dance Factory offers innovative recreational and competitive level dance classes for children 3-18 and adults. Newly located in Arlington, TX, our classes are provide exceptional dance technique and training in the following styles: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Drill Team Prep, Tumble, Strength & Conditioning, and Competition rehearsal classes. 

Drama. Choreographed by our very own Ms. Taylor for the Bryan Adams HS Dance Department Fall Show 2019. 
Visit our class descriptions page to get full details on the classes we offer! 

G2DF offers a different skill level in each genre, allowing your child to grow with us over the years into an elite, trained dancer. Our classes are taught in an energetic, creative, and safe environment where students can learn the art of movement and performance under the instruction of highly qualified staff.  

We also offer workshops, master classes, company and competition teams

as well adult fitness classes!