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G2 Dance Factory offers innovative recreational and competitive level dance classes for children Ages 3-18 and active adults. Newly located in Arlington, TX, our classes are provide exceptional dance technique and training in the following styles: Variety of Indian Dances, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Drill Team Prep, Tumble, Strength & Conditioning, and Competition rehearsal classes. 

About G2 Dance Factory History:

  • Offer quality education in Performing Arts from Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hiphop, Contemporary, Broadway Contemporary To Indian and other ethnic and speciality performing arts.

  • In 2012-2013, around 15 students registered for Grace Creations exclusive program that were trained in various Non-Indian performing arts dance institutes, schools and some had taken actual school credits in their ISD programs such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hiphop, Contemporary, Theater and Lyrical. They were exclusive recreational to competitive level students of Ballet Academy- Coppell-Texas, Coppell Dance Center, Prestige Dance Center and such other studios with instructors who were very precise in their genre-based, level by level-year-by-year programs and competitions for those interested in performance & competition teams. 


  • Other students were Indian Dancers / bharatnatyam students from other styles, kathak dancers and odissi dancers or were trained under Hetal herself for various Indian Dances.

  • History Of Fusion Idea(s) begins/re-vised in early 2013 academic year by Hetal Nagaraj. A Team name Grace Creations performing team was formed in Irving-Texas to encourage fusion of various Indian as well Non-Indian dance forms and styles for experienced trained dancers who wanted to go an extra mile in creativity and for those who wanted to performed on regular basis. Her first fusion was in 1998 as part of her own show-release when she-herself got fully trained 40hours of kathak techniques. See her history of trainings.

    • All students were trained exclusively in their own dance forms and styles. These were exclusively with artist collaborations. Click Here. Pre-Elementary Bharatnatyam Classes, Folk (& other Indian Dances) were introduced in Irving-Texas, Coppell-Texas, Keller-Texas and Southlake-Texas as starting point. This was also year when Bharatanatyam program started and was exclusively taught by Hetal.


  • What inspired to create these fusions ? Her own daughter’s journey in non-indian dances. Read More.

Visit our class descriptions page to get full details on the classes we offer! 

G2DF offers a different skill level in each genre, allowing your child to grow with us over the years into an elite, trained dancer. Our classes are taught in an energetic, creative, and safe environment where students can learn the art of movement and performance under the instruction of highly qualified staff.  

We also offer workshops, master classes, company and competition teams

as well adult fitness classes!

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