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Selling G2 Dance Factory – Arlington – Texas – AS IS  


2100 sq ft studio, floors designed & custom built by performing arts competition winners for more than 2 decades in more than 8 genres of international specializations & remodeled by fully certified contractors.


  1. 1 Spacious Storage with in-built file cabinets and storage shelving system-can be used as other restroom/shower-room.

  2. + 2 Office rooms-fully stocked w/supplies, coffee machine, small fridge, filing systems. We use one as refreshment/breakroom.

  3. + 1 Restroom + 2 Changing Room: 1500$. Ready to Move In – Business.

  4. 2 Spacious dance floors with floating floors in each room:

    1. Floor 1 - 585 Sq Ft. front studio A slow-med-recreational-speed dances. 4-inch shock proof padded floors w/double sided waterproof liners beneath the padding.

    2. Floor 2 - 590 Sq Ft. back studio B specifically for competition-speed: 4.5-inch shock proof floating floors for high-speed dances/ballet/hip-hop/musical theater/competition dances/cheer. This one has a high ceiling.

  5. Spacious sitting areas-bench areas, some bench furniture as well with 2 office tables, 4 chairs and magazine holders.

  6. Several flooring supplies + Marley floor tapes, edge-protectors, Marley pieces for TLC, several other supplies. 2000$.

  7. Mirrors installed throughout the studio. only 2 additional glue-onn mount-mirrors for side walls (are to be installed but are purchased.).

  8. Fully equipped with 2-way monitoring system worth 1500$ runs via app + 4 cameras-installed.

  9. Tested/secured by certified electric contractor for commercial activities of high voltage shoot equipment & lights w/in-built surge protectors wired internally. 400$. Water-proof treatments done below the floating floors to avoid cracks.

  10. 2 commercial DJ music system = 1500$ each w/double woofer w/in-built multiple upgrade speaker attachments (purely commercial grade, if + more speakers). + can run on battery, blue-tooth, usb, wifi & karaoke or for outdoor shoots.

  11. Front studio w/high beam halogen lights for in-house commercial shoots or photo shoots. LED lights in all rooms.

  12. 1 Notice board in both the rooms - Room to grow next door. Wonderful landlords to work with! We love them.

10-reasons to get this place :

  1. Nr 6 flags with several activities

  2. Next to AT & T Stadium – plenty of commercial activities.

  3. Near to Fort Worth theaters and some of the best dance events.

  4. Near UT Arlington University & several other university college areas.

  5. Several schools and private charter schools.

  6. Studio comes with full permits and licenses as you may need to run a performing arts studio.

  7. Double sided, reusable high quality thick Marley floors & double layered ply for safety/shock proof: 15K.

  8. ALL mirrors installed and floors fully done, mobile ballet bars, tumble-cheer mats, 30 pompoms & some accessories.

  9. All storage, supplies, refreshment equipment, furniture pricing to 50K.

  10. Brand has strong presence in area with performances & fully integrated site/google analytics/social media & seo listings. This package is w/G2 database as is + entire website setup, emails, phone numbers & all the subscriptions.


Asking price: $300,000.

*****One of the best prices you can get in entire city. 3500$ rental per month. Monthly Avg profit 6000 to 8000$ with your full team-min w/just basic routine classes. Pictures of floors/remodeling are available at g2 dance factory FB page.

****Reason to sell:

Unable to find responsible manager/partner.

Owner to focus on other personal development/goals.

Owner holds 38 brands at international level & this is one of them.

About owner : 

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