Director Hetal Joshi : 

Hetal has over 25+ specializations in Performing Arts, including Indian/Non-Indian Dances as of 2021. Hetal also has other 25+ specializations in Non-Performing Arts Field / Education / Profession with over 17+ Years of experience in 10+ fields. She has taught over 2500+ Students as of March 2020 and she teaches 150+ students directly under her for various genres every year. She gives 3 productions per year by genre and over 70 students perform under her direct-teaching in these productions. Her first successful show by genre was at the age of 19 and ever since then, she has never looked back. She was born In Indian Family and raised in diverse/international environment in India with half of family well-spread in USA for over 2 generations now & she has picked the best of both the worlds & trends in her own life along with performing arts. 

Success Ratio & Graduates By 2020 : 

  • Hetal's students are celebrating their 250th, 450th hour Bollywood, 350th or 400th hour in Indian Folk Dances (once week), 150th hour in Kalaripayattu, for some the journey has began and are about to touch their 60th hour Hiphop, 30th hour Contemporary, 100th hour & some at 500th hour in Bharatanatyam (some twice week) & the history continues. Several Students are at National level and made it International NEWS in 2021 depending on their culture and ethnicity. That is just our own owner's Hetal contribution and capacity with results + Choreographers teach.

  • Graduate Students : Hetal Nagaraj has 100s of Graduates just in USA & India - by genre and curriculam.

  • Workshop Students : Hetal Nagaraj has given workshops to 50 to 2000 students - at a time, in DFW-Texas, USA in Indian Folk, Festival Folk Dances, Bharatanatyam Introduction, Fusion Classical Dances Work, Yoga & Dance Projects, Martial Arts & Dance, Kalari & Bharatanatyam, Chau & Bharatanatyam, Kalari & Bollywood/Tollywood Bollywood/Tollywood Fusions Of Various Styles in DFW areas of North Texas.

Her Own Performance Record : 

  • Hetal performs every year 3 to 4 performances in her own shows itself in DFW-Texas except for March to Dec 2020 due to Covid when lockdown happened.

  • From 1999-2020, she has performed over 150+ performances, a minimum, by genre in her OWN shows or events organized by her or her OWN teachers in USA & India. She is paid artist and has worked with several artist management companies in DFW areas of North Texas (from 2020, her own).

  • Other 150+ performances for outside shows/events/culture events with minimum of 2 to 3 of those events per year. This totals to 300+ dances in Solo(s) & Group/Paid and Unpaid Projects. ALL on stage. These are not youtube channel dances! In 2021, she went LIVE with her 7th Bharatanatyam Arangetram with international audience over Zoom & Youtube Invite.

Awards : Winner of 4 International Awards from culture, leadership, upbringing of women/youth, entrepreurship, educator and 28+ Competition/Students Awards/ ALL Non-Voting Events. She is international artist from 2015. See them here.  

More about her long list of specializations :

Spiritual & Other Specializations :

With G2, Hetal will be teaching her own specializations for various levels as required/needed/and by age for Hiphop, Contemporary-Broadway, Indian Dances such as Bharatanatyam, Bollywood as well as Indian Hiphop, Indian Folk Dances, Kalaripayattu/Chhau/Kshatriya/Indian Martial Arts Forms and Various Fitness/Balance/Endurance/Flexibility Programs.

Degree in Dance & Theater (Indian). - MA (Total of 2 masters with half a dozen diplomas in several fields including leadership from IIM-AMA - All earned by scholarships). 

See Company's growth under Ms. Hetal at And Her Story of  how g2 was established.


Marchawn Franklin : Administrator & Fitness - Instructor


Marchawan started her career in Medical Administration in 2012, and has been in Medical admin ever since. She has worked in just about every administrative position in the Medical field there is but in 2018 her life took an interesting turn. In 2018, she decided to take her health and fitness more seriously so she started going to group fitness classes. After one of her fitness teacher’s classes, she was told that she should become a instructor. In June of 2019, she then taught her first Zumba class and she continued in field of health, wellness & fitness.

Marchwan quotes, "With g2 / Hetal Joshi, i will be get opportunity to stay in my administrative field and also teach my specializations. i will be able to bring my passion for dance and music to work with me as well. I can be at peace knowing that no one will judge me when I start dancing in my chair under g2/Hetal Joshi."  

She is currently certified to teach 5 different fitness formats, and striving to aquire more with G2. 

Specializations :  Certified to teach/instruct : Zumba , AMD Burn, AMPD Build, AMPD Resistance,  and Kettlebell AMPD and doing her 6th certification!

Justin Jae Yoon : Dance Instructor :

Jae Yoon began his dance training his during his senior year of high school. After high school, he received a scholarship to continue his dance training in Los Angeles and has spent the past 3 years there working to develop skills not just as a dancer/choreographer but as a teacher as well! Jae puts emphasis on education and growth in dance. His mantra is "To improve my life so that I may improve the lives of others", and that is something he brings into every class. In his time in LA, he trained in many styles ranging from ballet to contemporary to foundational Hip-Hop. He currently tours with Celebrity Dance Competitions and Conventions as a pro-assistant and as their backstage manager! He is also a part of CATASTROPHE! Dance company under the direction of Cat Cogliandro and C.R.O.W.N. under the direction of Marcus Jones and KT Willis. Jae joined G2 in 2020 as first team of hires at G2 Dance Factory and started teaching hiphop classes parallel to/with and under Ms. Hetal's direction & lesson plans for several online batches due to pandemic.
Specialization : Contemporary until Intermediate, Modern until Intermediate, Hiphop-Urban, Hiphop-Popping, Hiphop-Fusion, Hiphop-Lyrical, Hiphop-Contemporary. Ability to seperate/outline - Educational/Institutional Dances from Commercial & Professional Dances for all of above genres, levels & age groups.
Teaching Experience : 5+ Years Ages 4 to Teens & Young/Active Adults. Former Student UNT Business With Dance. He continues dancing with his mentor / teacher's group and will participate with g2 as required. 


Anna Vazquez : Dance Instructor

Anna Vazquez began her dance training at the age of 8 in San Antonio, Texas. Throughout her training years she has been awarded multiple scholarships to summer programs as well as year round programs which has allowed her to study multiple techniques abroad. In 2018 Anna was accepted into the Texas Ballet Theatre’s second company.  For 2.5years, Anna was trained under Ben Stevenson and his staff and performed in multiple Ballet’s such as Sleeping Beauty, Seranade, The Nutcracker, The Nutty Nutcracker, and other contemporary works. Following Anna’s final year was at Texas Ballet Theatre.

Specialization : All Levels : American-Ballet, Tap, Russian-Ballet, Contemporary, Contemporary-Broadway, Jazz, Jazz-Broadway, Drill Teams Preps, Modern, Hiphop - Until Intermediate Levels Only. Ability to seperate/outline - Educational/Institutional Dances from Commercial & Professional Dances for all of above genres, levels & age groups. Studying Dance as Degree.

Teaching Experience : All Ages, All levels from past 4 years, Pre-School, Kids, Pre-Teens, Teens, Young Active Adults willing to participate for dance teams as well as professional groups for other projects under G2. She began teaching at the age of 14 in San Antonio and later moved to teaching around the DFW area. Anna has joined Zion Dance Project professionally and currently performs with her company around DFW. Anna is thrilled and excited to join the G2 Dance Company and contribute to the next generation of dancers.

Mina Porch : Dance Instructor & After School Program Co-ordinator :

Mina Porch had a rough start to her career in dance. At the tender age of 10 she was enrolled in a Saturday morning all inclusive package with back to back class that started at 9am! It was during those classes that her appreciation in this art and her love for Hip-Hop and Pom grew. From there she began to audition for school dance, cheer and step teams. After high school graduation, Ms. Porch took a break from dance to fulfill other life dreams such as attending and graduating college, traveling the world and starting a family!

In 2019, ten years later, Mina picked life back up in the dance world as she began training to become a professional dancer for a semi-pro team. All of her hard work paid off when, less a year later, she made it to final rounds for the Frisco Fighter Bombshells. Ms. Porch currently teaches at various locations throughout the DFW Metroplex and is still in advance-trainings. She has aided after school programs as program co-ordinator in DFW and specializes in after school activties other than dance for Ages 4 to Teens! Mina is thrilled to join g2!

Specializations : Hip-Hop, Pom, Jazz, & Ballet, After School Programs, Mommy and Me-Programs, Cheerleading, Beginners Tumbling, Stretching, Meditation & Breathing Techniques, Basic Workout Regime for PE for after-school programs.

Teaching Experience: Over 6 years of experience as an after-school co-ordinator/specialiast ages 4 to Teens and over 5 years of experience instructing as dance instructor.


Brittany Adams : Dance Instructor

Mrs. Brittany Adams-Holden, once residing in Houston to study contemporary arts and sciences, specializes in injury prevention techniques trough the art of Dance. She is dancing from 2012 & is active performer. Brittany has associates degree of Visual Performing Arts and Sciences in Dance from Houston Community College-2019, and have been taking and interning at University of St. Thomas Contemporary Dance program for the past year(2019-2020). Due to COVID-19, she transferred to Dallas, Texas to continue studies and internships here and looking to gain more experiences. Brittany has been to many dance intensives in different parts of the country through the American College Dance Association (ACDA) over the past four years where they have taught and I have learned: Modern, Caribbean, African, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Prop dancing and more. She is working towards a few certifications at this moment to increase her knowledge of the human body & dancers in training. Brittany desires to enhance, inspire, learn, and teach the fullness of the dance practice as a collective to any age group. Through mindfulness it is important to learn the benefits of imagery to enhance performance readiness.

Specializations : Praise Dance (Christian-Faith Dance), Contemporary, Afro-fusion, Modern, Jazz, Meditation/Imagery, Gyrokinesis.

Teaching Experience : 4 Years.