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Recital Cost For G2 Students:

G2 Dance Factory will have a recital for dancer to showcase what they have learned throughout their semester in dance class. There will be a Winter Recital, and a Spring Recital.Participation in the recital is optional, but most classes will be tailored toward a recital performance with the exception of the following classes: Strength & Conditioning, Acro, Tiny Tots Tumble, & Adult Classes. You are still welcomed to take and attend classes as learning these dances will further your technique and dance ability. 

The Recital fees are applied to the venue and the Recital day T-shirt your child will get. 

Costumes fees are separate and are applicable to each dance. 

Fees for the Winter Recital are due by November 1st of the applicable year.

Fees for the Spring Recital are due by April 1st of the applicable year. 

Recital Fee per Single Dancer: $100

Recital fee for Family: $90

You have at least 2 children dancing in the show. 

This fee applies PER child. 



These costumes are ordered specifically for each dance and are different each year. They are yours to keep after the recital. If there are any items that belong to the studio that are used for your dance (poms, tutus, wings, etc.), you will be charged a PROP rental fee for those costume pieces and must return it WITHOUT damages after the recital or you will automatically be charged for the FULL price of the costume pieces. If the costume for your dance belongs to the studio, you will be charged a rental price for the costume. It must be returned WITHOUT damages after the recital or you will be automatically charged for the FULL price of the costume.

Please DO NOT wash costumes before you return them. G2 Staff will wash them in order to keep them in pristine condition

Class Dance Costume Fee: $75 per class dance

SOLO/DUET/TRIO Costume Fee: $100 per dance, for each dancer. 

Studio PROP Rental Fee: $10

Studio COSTUME Rental Fee: $25

Example: A student performing in 3 class dances and 1 duet with all new costumes would pay $425 for their TOTAL Recital cost.

Example: A student performing in 3 class dances and 1 duet with 1 rental costume with props would pay $385 for the TOTAL Recital cost. 

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