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ONGOING classes per week. Packages are set up by class length. We observe holidays by ISD/batch or group.

If you are on a Performance Team or Elite Teams, you will automatically be put on a class package during the Fall/Spring Seasons applicable due to your class requirements.Class Packages are listed on this page, below our registration fees. 

Regular In-Person Class Pricing & Plans :

( Annual Registrations Benefits : Makeup Classes, Lot of Freebies, Holiday Freeze, Extra-Classes for upto 12 hours, Discounts etc for whole family)

Per Student Annual Registration : 50$ | 2 Kids : 90$ | 3 Kids and Up : Contact Ms. Hetal - 972 979 2559.

Monthly Fees (With Registration): 55$ Package Classes (With Registrations) Per Student : 165$ for 12 hours : Strongly Recommend!

Annual Registration : Family of 4 : 100$

** Package Classes for selected genres or classes only** 

Buy Package & SAVE (Without Registrations, Per Student) : 200$ for 12 hours. 

**As of Nov 14, 2022 : All package classes will be for consecutive classes only. There will not be any freeze on it**Take it or Miss it.

  • Bharatanatyam : 240$ for 12 hours.

Without Registration, Per Student : 60$ per month(4 classes) - Standard for all genres/classes.

Elites, Per Student: 65$ Month (4 classes).

Bring Your Friends, Make Your Group, Learn at your Group's Pace, Create Your Calendar & Avail Discounts With Us:

**8 Students Required | Group Registrations (for all) : 120$ | Monthly Fees Per Student (With Registration): 50$.

( Makeup Classes, Lot of Costume-Freebies, Holiday Freeze, Extra-Classes for upto 12 hours, Discounts etc for whole family)

Without Registration - 180$ per student, 12 hours / classes.

** Any student who takes more than 1 genre/1 dance form/1 hour-1 class per week will get discount. Please let Ms. Hetal know.

Eg: Dance 1 + Dance 2 in one week = so discount depending on location, program and total hours of classes per week.

For all refunds at any time for regular classes, cancellation fees from the total payment will be deducted as per policy.

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